Running a Virtual Race? Here’s How to Make It Your Best Ever

Man running
Photo by Chander R on Unsplash

Until last year, the idea of virtual races didn’t even pop into our heads. But with races across the country canceled due to the pandemic, virtual races became the next best thing. Even though they’re not the same as actual races, they come with their benefits like being able to run whenever you want to and helping raise money for charity. They’re also a great way to reach your goal and keep you motivated to run. If you’re new to virtual racing, here’s how to make them fun and worth it.

Keep to Your Training

Training for a virtual race is just as important as a regular one. Training will make the race more enjoyable and it will help you avoid injuries.

Find Support

Part of what makes races exciting is the crowd and the other runners cheering you on. You can still have this by gathering your friends and family to cheer you on and set your pace. See if you can get someone to run alongside you, even if it’s for a short period of time.

Plot Out Your Course and Start Time in Advance

Set up a course ahead of time and choose courses with few interruptions and stoplights. Use resources like Map My Run to make sure you’re getting the exact mileage you need to hit.

Don’t Expect to Hit Personal Records

Virtual races aren’t the same as traditional ones and you’ll face obstacles like traffic and other unexpected stops, so don’t go into race day thinking you’re going to set any records. No matter what time you get, just be happy you ran.