Sanne Vloet Kicks Off a Wellness Month Series with 30-Minute Pilates Workout

Sanne Vloet at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2017. Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (9231654hg)

The Dutch model Sanne Vloet became a bona fide YouTube star since she started sharing amazing videos about her health journey, fitness routines, and eating habits on her channel. She recently kicked off a new wellness month series and started this journey with a 30-minute Pilates video.

Vloet was joined by a wellness advocate and fitness trainer Sami Clarke, who performed all of the moves by her side. The workout is incredibly easy to follow, even if you’re new to Pilates because Vloet is doing an amazing job walking us through each of the moves.

In the description of her 30-minute video, the model explained she enjoys this wellness routine because it’s a great way to train strength, balance, and core, adding it helped her tone her body and strengthen all the small muscles.

She’ll share several more workouts by Clarke’s side this week and that’s just the first step of her wellness month challenge. She’s also expected to post healthy recipes and talks around wellness and health, in an attempt to encourage her subscribers to focus on their health and start making decisions that are more aligned with living their best life.