Scott Eastwood Shares His Workout Routine

Scott Eastwood’s filmography includes several action-packed movies, which required him to stay in good shape. His upcoming film The Outpost is no exception, and he had no trouble getting ready for it because his regular workout routine is pretty intense.

Eastwood recently discussed his fitness regimen with Men’s Health, and said that keeping things versatile seems to be one of his main priorities. “I like to keep it interesting. I never like things to get stale. I always want to be moving and keep the body guessing. At the same time, I always want the body to have a lot of recovery.”

He starts his mornings in the sauna and usually takes a cold shower afterward. His workout routine includes jiu-jitsu, weight training, jumping rope, and yoga. He also swears by water sports, such as swimming and surfing, because they’re low impact and good for cardiovascular health.

Scott Eastwood also dished about his eating habits, and said his diet is “90% good, 10% percent cheat”. His daily menu includes good proteins, like salmon and chicken, and a lot of veggies, such as broccoli, asparagus, and leafy greens.