Short and Sweet Lower Abs Workouts Are Taking YouTube by Storm

Abs workouts are all the rage on YouTube this summer, but we’ve seen one interesting trend emerge among our favorite fitness vloggers. Lower abs workouts are more popular than ever right now—here are three that you should try if you’re looking for a short and sweet routine.

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is one of YouTube’s leading fitness stars, and her workouts are always worth waiting for. One of her latest videos shifts attention to lower abs, and it includes such moves as hip and leg lifts, toe taps, and ab holds. It’s just 10 minutes long, and Reif recommends doing it with ankle weights to make it more intense.

Bailey Brown

If you prefer Pilates to traditional workouts, Bailey Brown’s YouTube channel will be your cup of tea. Her lower abs workout is highly recommended to all the beginners out there because it looks truly effortless and she offers a lot of useful tips along the way.

Lilly Sabri

If doing lower abs exercises for ten minutes straight feels like too much for you, how about five? Lilly Sabri promises you’ll see results after just two weeks of doing abs exercises from this workout video, ranging from reverse crunches to flutter kicks.