Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?

Sick man on a mountain hike
Photo by Jorge Franganillo on Unsplash

There are two schools of thought when it comes to working out when you’re sick. On the one hand, getting sick is your body telling you that it needs to recharge its batteries and take a break. On the other hand, working out does wonders for us mentally, which can at times help us heal. So which one is right? Let’s discuss.

Usually Not

The fact of the matter is, every situation is different. There are certain sicknesses where it would be absolutely the worst idea ever to work out, such as if you’re feeling faint or with a strong fever. There are certain times when it’s clear that water and rest is all you need. So when do you know that it’s okay to exercise?

Feeling the Energy

The best time to work out when sick is when you start to get a feel for life around you. If you’re still sick, but are starting to feel like getting up and eating some nourishing meals, it may be also time to get a workout in. Bear in mind that even if you work out when you’re sick, you should still take it easy. You never want to overexert yourself and do too much too fast after being sick.