Should You Stretch Before Walking?

Walking is one of the best, most underrated exercises. Some benefits include heart health, cognitive health, weight loss, and boosting your mood. Before any exercise, regardless of its intensity, it’s important to stretch. Stretching improves range of motion, mobility, and flexibility.

There are two types of stretches—static and dynamic. Static stretching focuses on a certain muscle group and extending it for a period of time, while dynamic stretching moves through a range of motions and pausing in particular positions. To increase your range of motion and improve flood flow, you’ll want to engage in dynamic stretches before walking.

Static stretches are good post-workout as a cool-down, in combination with dynamic stretches.

Some dynamic stretches to try pre-workout are hamstring scoops, quadricep pulls, high-knee pulls, and glute pulls. Resistance bands can also help activate your glutes and hips.

If you spend a lot of time sitting during the day, it’s especially important to stretch prior to walking. These stretches will help you maintain proper form and increase your walking pace.