Shred Your Abs With Lilly Sabri’s Intense 20-Minute Workout

Lilly Sabri
Screenshot via YouTube/Lilly Sabri

Lilly Sabri is one of YouTube’s leading fitness gurus, and her abs workouts are a gift that keeps on giving. If you’re trying to get an amazing six-pack, one of her latest shredded abs burner workouts will be your cup of tea.

Abs workouts are the backbone of Sabri’s YouTube channel, which currently counts over three million subscribers. Her latest was created with people who want to burn belly far from home in mind, and it’s a pretty intense way to tone and sculpt your abs.

“This shredded abs fat burner, 20 minute home workout, will help you sculpt and tone into your abs and waist. These intense abs exercises are great to pair with fat loss cardio workouts and good nutrition to get lasting results,” wrote Sabri in the video’s description.

This workout routine mostly consists of abs moves that we all know and love, but Sabri added a series of modifications to the mix to make them more intense. From bicycle and reverse crunches to leg lifts and dead bugs, this workout features all the moves that you want in your abs routine. Sabri’s positive energy makes things even better, and it doesn’t hurt her case that her puppy jumped into the frame in the middle of the video.