Smoothies or Whole Fruits – What’s the Healthier Option?

Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

People who are trying to make changes to their diet often opt for smoothies because they see them as the best possible way to start the day. Despite their many benefits, smoothies are not as healthy as they seem, and certainly not as beneficial as whole fruits.

One of the downsides of this delicious beverage that we often forget is the fact that the blending process changes the structure of the fiber. Long story short, the fruit you consume by drinking a smoothie will not fill you up to the same way that eating fresh fruit does.

Another major problem is that many people tend to add tons of unnecessary ingredients to their smoothie. In addition to taking in more calories than they intended to, they also consume them too quickly, failing to give your body enough time to process what’s going on.

Whole fruits are more beneficial than blended ones, but that doesn’t mean you should completely eliminate smoothies from your diet.

Consuming fruits and vegetables by drinking a smoothie is better than not consuming them at all. Just make sure to avoid unhealthy ingredients, and opt for whole fruits whenever possible.