Sophie from ‘GainsByBrains’ Will Seriously Motivate You to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Image via gainsbybrains/Instagram

Sophie van Oostenbrugge, or as she’s better known, ‘GainsByBrains’, is a fitness influencer that has a great approach to her content. She has been building a following on Instagram and Youtube for over 5 years now. Sophie has quickly reached over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 700k subscribers on Youtube, and it’s not without reason!

We totally understand why people are obsessing over Sophie! Her content provides guides to all types of gym (and home) workouts to achieve any goals you may have. She has follow-along workouts on her Youtube channel, so you can feel like you’re in a private lesson with her. If you prefer to just get a guide, she also posts on Instagram frequently with her own gym splits and what exercises she’s been loving recently. These are great if you’re new at the gym and want some guidance as to how to set up your workouts. 

In the last year, she has really worked on creating content that is highly motivating as well. In addition to her workout videos, she started creating Youtube videos about habit forming and tips on how to stay motivated in your fitness or wellness journey. We promise that after watching even one of these videos, you will be super motivated to continue working towards your goals!