Sports Nutrition Rules to Learn From Professionals

Many athletes turn to professionals to boosts their performance and fitness. Watching pro athletes perform, reading their bios, and following their social media can provide insight on how to eat, sleep, and train. Here are the five best tips we learned from professionals to boost your performance.

Keep Your Diet Simple

Athletes eat simple, routine diets that consist of whole foods that are easy to prepare like oatmeal and bananas and roasted chicken with sweet potatoes. Try to avoid processed foods in your diet.

Do What Works For You

Instead of switching between trendy diets, professional athletes stick with diets that work for their training, metabolism, and schedules.

Get in a Routine

Most athletes follow strict plans on what and when to eat, so they can get the most out of their workouts and performance. Start by getting a planner and writing down your schedule. Then, add in meal ideas and eating times.

Make Nutrition a Priority

Athletes know that healthy eating and good nutrient timing is key to their performance. They don’t make excuses for not eating or not having time for a meal.

Support Systems

You may think that it’s easy for athletes to eat healthily, but they have a team of coaches, dietitians, and physicians than help them track intake, make changes, and perform tests to make sure they’re getting the nutrients and energy they need. You can use smartphones, watches, and training metrics to track your intake or you can consult with a sports dietitian.