5 Ways to Sweat Less During Your Training

Photo by Becca Matimba on Unsplash

Some gym rats enjoy sweating during their workouts because they see it as a sign they truly made it. Others despise getting all sweaty and try to avoid it at all costs. If you’re a part of the second group, here are a few tips you could find useful.

Wear breathable clothes

Make sure to wear clothes that will allow more air to get to your body. Getting rid of layers you don’t need will help you maintain a cooler body temperature throughout your workout.

Stay hydrated

Always fill your bottle with some cold water before hitting the gym. In addition to helping your body stay cool, being hydrated will also dilute your sweat.

Use antiperspirant

Using antiperspirant during your gym sessions is a must since it’s the best way to stay smell-free. It’s a better option than deodorant because it curbs both odor and moisture. Getting rid of your body hair before putting it on is always a good idea.

Monitor your temperature

Take a break or do less demanding exercises when you start feeling your body temperature is getting too hot. Your training may be less intense than you intended, but at least you won’t smell like a pig afterward.

Bring spare clothes

No one expects you to smell like roses after leaving the gym, but it’s best to take spare clothes with you if you’re not going directly home afterward. Your workout clothes will absorb all the sweat and it’s not the best idea to walk around in them all day long.