Switch Up Your Diet in 2021 with These Plant-Based Food Trends

Photo by Deeana Creates from Pexels

If eating healthier happens to be one of your resolutions for 2021, you should consider introducing more plant-based foods into your diet. They’re becoming more widely available as time goes by, and these three trends are expected to be everywhere this year.

Plant-Based Fish

Vegan burgers, bacon, hot dogs, and everything in between already entered the plant-based scene, and it’s now time for seafood to do the same. Vegan fish will be all the rage in 2021, and you can try it if you want to eliminate all animal products from your diet.

Chickpea Boom

Chickpeas are an excellent source of fiber and protein, and they’re going to become one of the staples of the vegan diet in 2021. Our favorite vegan bloggers are sharing recipes for amazing chickpea-based dishes as we speak, and we’re going to see even more of them in the months to come.

Convenient Options

One of the reasons why people struggle to switch to a plant-based diet is the lack of convenient options to choose from. You have to prepare your own meals all the time because vegan options aren’t easy to find. But that’s going to change in 2021, as more supermarket and fast-food chains start embracing the plant-based trend more and more.