Take Your Warm-Up Routine to the Next Level With Pamela Reif’s “Ulala” Workout

Latin music isn’t as popular as some other genres with our favorite fitness influencers, so it’s always fun to see them give it their seal of approval. Pamela Reif recently gave us one of the best Latin workouts on her YouTube channel with the amazing “Ulala” warm-up routine.

This workout is choreographed to the beat of Myke Towers’ and Daddy Yankee’s catchy track “Ulala”. This song felt like a perfect pick for a short warm-up video, and Ref claims it’s so fun that she was singing along in imaginary Spanish while doing it.

She recommends using this routine in several different ways—as a three-minute “mood booster”, to fight laziness and get into a workout mood, to get your heart rate up in between other workouts, or as a cool-down routine at the end of your session.

No matter how you decide to use it, “Ulala” will certainly take your fitness routine to the next level and help you burn some major calories thanks to its catchy beat.

In the YouTube description of this video, Reif asked her 9.2 million YouTube subscribers if she should make a longer Latin music workout. Most of the reactions were positive, so we’re looking forward to her sharing more Latin-inspired videos in the future.