Take Yourself On a Free 30-Day Yoga Journey

Screenshot via YouTube/Yoga With Adriene

Many of us dream of combining regular yoga practices into our day to day lives. But what often happens is, in life’s busy race, we often find it hard to adopt new healthy habits, especially if they take up physical effort.

If you find yourself relating to this description, Yoga with Adriene’s 30-day yoga journey is just for you. The journey (which is a somewhat less intimidating word for ‘challenge’) is titled “Breathe”, which is reassuring in itself, and it’s meant to help ease you into a daily yoga routine with minimal effort.

One option for starting the journey is simply going straight to the free 30-day playlist on the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel and go to town. But the preferable option is simply signing up right here, which means you’ll be receiving daily reminders of practices with unique messages from Adriene throughout the journey. This should really help keep you committed to the process, rather than giving up when things get a bit challenging

“It’s a journey,” Adriene writes on the journey’s subscription page. “Choose to be disciplined about that. Arriving to the mat to begin will be the most challenging part. Get yourself to the mat each day to take a breath and together we will sort the rest.”