Taylor Swift’s Treadmill Strut is the Latest Viral Workout Taking TikTok by Storm

Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music in 2019
Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music in 2019. Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (10369347qs)

After the “12-3-30” workout took TikTok by storm, this social media platform just gave us another treadmill workout that everyone seems to be raving about. Taylor Swift’s Treadmill Strut is all the rage on TikTok right now, but why are people going crazy about it and what is it all about?

We can count on all Taylor Swift-related things to go viral, but the Grammy-winning singer played no active role in starting this craze. TikTok user Allie Bennett is the one responsible for creating this high-energy treadmill routine, set to the beat of Swift’s biggest hits.

Bennett was very strategic when picking the songs included in this workout, and opted for 10 absolute bangers, including “The Man”, “Look What You Made Me Do”, and “Shake It Off”. The full workout playlist runs just under 37 minutes and it ends with a cooldown set to the beat of “Style”.

Bennet made quite a splash on TikTok by sharing treadmill workouts timed to songs by popular music artists including Swift. She believes her workouts are popular because they’re easy to follow and don’t put too much pressure on people to achieve a certain goal.

“It’s refreshing to be able to put something into that space that’s just about enjoying your workout, because I think fitness should just be about finding a form of movement you enjoy and look forward to, not about the way you look!” Bennett told Today.

@benntheredonethat @allie bennett 36 minutes of pure bangers – this might be the best workout i’ve ever created🕺🏻let me know if you try it out!! #treadmillstrut #taylorswift #workout #hotgirlwalk #12330 ♬ taylor swift treadmill strut workout – allie bennett