Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka Explains Her Approach to Home Workouts

Naomi Osaka celebrates winning her semi-final US Open Tennis Championships in 2018. Photo by Juergen Hasenkopf/BPI/REX/Shutterstock (9870975dn)

Working out at home became the new normal for many fitness enthusiasts this year—including the two-time US Open champion Naomi Osaka. She recently discussed her workout routine with PopSugar and revealed how it changed during the pandemic.

Osaka revealed that she doesn’t work out so hard during tournaments to make sure her muscles are properly rested for the matches. She tends to go harder off-season and use the much-needed break to build her endurance. Osaka also revealed she’s not a huge fan of working out at home.

“For some people, working out is a release from the stressors of work, but for an athlete, it is part of the job, so personally I prefer to separate training and life at home,” said the tennis player.

Despite her preference for the gym and tennis court, Osaka had to get creative with her workouts this year. Her workout routine includes a three-mile run, meditation, and series of strength and coordination exercises, many of which target legs.