The 4 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Healthy Cooking Ideas

There is junk food all around us, tempting us to eat delicious food when we don’t actually need to. Instagram can also be to blame for this, with all there amazing #foodporn pictures available making it harder to make the right choices when it comes to food.

On the other hand, there are some amazing Instagram accounts to follow if you are in need of healthy eating ideas. Stop following the accounts which tempt you to eat junk food and check these out.


As a registered dietician, Miranda Hammer knows healthy food. She has her own blog filled with recipes for breakfast, healthy snacks, soups, you want it she has it. She gives great tips on how to stay healthy you really want to see all the pictures on her Instagram account.


This account doesn’t eliminate any food group and teaches you to eat foods in the right proportions to maintain healthy body weight. All the recipes here are healthy but really delicious and you’ll learn how you can make a sweet dessert healthier by adding avocado.


Sarah Forte is the woman behind the sprouted kitchen blog and Instagram account. She shows her followers how to make the most of the produces at the local farmer’s market. She has many ideas to make an otherwise boring staple way more interesting but still really healthy.


Carina Wolff is committed to a plant-based life and wants to share all her recipes with all of you. All of her ingredients are clean and organic and the food she makes can help nourish and strengthen your body. A lot of her recipes are vegan and gluten-free.