The Cycling Mistake You’re Probably Making & How to Avoid It

Cycling is pretty easy, so what could go wrong as long as you’re following the instructor? Well, it turns out that you may be gripping the handlebars too tightly. This can result in putting your wrists and lower back at risk for getting injured and it makes the movements less effective. But simply loosening your grip won’t fix this issue.

Bike Setup

It usually starts with an improper bike setup. To set up your bike correctly, make sure you align your seat to be at about the same height as the top of your hip bone and your knees should barely be bent at the bottom on the pedal stroke. The handlebars should be at the same height as your seat. When you bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle and your wrists are out straight, the distance from your below to your fingertips should be the same distance the seat is from the handlebars.

Body Alignment

When your seated and standing, you need to engage your core and to pull your shoulder blades down and back with your chest open. Your hands should be lightly touching the handlebars. Instead of the power coming from your hands when you push and pull the pedals, it should be coming from your core. Also, make sure your weight is in the back half of your body so you aren’t putting strain on your quads or pointing your toes when you peddle.