The Difference Between Training “Abs” and “Core”

Photo by Minna Hamalainen on Unsplash

It seems like everyone is working towards a stronger “core”, or advertising the best “ab” exercises, but does anyone really know what the difference between “abs” and “core” are, or if there even is one? Lucky for you, we did the research so you don’t have to! Here are the main differences between “abs” and “core”, so you can decide which exercises to incorporate into your next workout!

The Abs (Abdominal Muscles)

The “abs,” or “abdominal muscles,” are the group of muscles on the exterior body. This group of muscles is typically what you think of when you’re focusing on achieving the look of a strong middle section. They support healthy breathing and some spinal support. It is a very small group of muscles that are strengthened with exercises that bend the torso and flex the spine.

The Core

Now the core is definitely similar to abdominal muscles, but there are a few main differences. The main purpose of the core is to maintain stability of the spine. This is a much bigger group of muscles located throughout the torso. The core is so important in our everyday lives, as it helps stabilize us when we are static or moving, preventing injury. The core is active in almost every exercise you do, but you can target it specifically during dynamic movement or through static holds (like planks).