The Reason You Feel Nauseous After Working Out

Photo by Andreea Boncota on Unsplash

You’ve gone through an intense workout and you’re feeling pretty good. But just when you’re finishing up the tail end of it, you start to feel uncomfortable. Before you know it, you’re feeling nauseous and you don’t know why or how this feeling came out of nowhere. Don’t worry, because what you’re feeling is actually super common, and here’s why it happens.

Blood Distribution

It’s actually a known thing that nausea can occur after any workout that requires you to push yourself to the limit. It happens because of the blood that’s been pumping throughout your body during the workout. As it gets distributed throughout your muscles, it leaves less blood for your stomach, leaving you to feel a bit nauseous.

Your Body’s Getting Used To It

Another reason you’re likely feeling nauseous is because you may be doing a workout that you’re not used to. Or perhaps just working out in general is something you’re not used to, and therefore your body feels sick as it reacts to the major changes it’s going through.

Eating Before Workouts

It’s also important to not eat right before a workout because this too can contribute to post-workout nausea. Eating a few hours before exercise should be just fine.