There’s No Shame in Doing a Rep of One

Dumbbells on a rack
Photo by Samuel Girven on Unsplash

When you’re first starting out in the workout realm, it can be pretty darn hard to complete certain tasks. If you’re struggling with your weight or haven’t yet built much muscle, it can seem downright impossible to complete even one push-up or a pull-up for that matter.

When you’re finally able to do one, you might still feel ashamed that you could “only do one”. But guess what: there’s nothing wrong with doing one in the beginning.

You Have To Start Somewhere

Everything in life is about growth. It’s about your mindset. You can’t get upset at yourself for only being able to complete one, because moping about it will prevent you from being able to do two, or three, or ten down the line. Everything is a process, and you have to start somewhere.

Appreciate Your Path

This is why it’s super crucial that you appreciate your path, and love your body as well. You can want better things for it, but don’t chastise your current body for what it can’t do. Instead, love it for what it can do, and trust that with enough work and dedication, you’ll manage to improve its arsenal of capabilities. There is absolutely no shame in doing one because number two is right around the corner.