These are the Best Exercises for Easing Neck Pain

Neck exercises
Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash

In this day and age, nearly no one manages to escape what has come to be widely known as “text neck.” Neck pain has become a frequent visitor in our lives pretty much ever since computer use became widespread, but the invention of smartphones and the whole tipping-our-heads-down to text constantly has made things even worse in this department.

Regular neck-care hygiene, then, can be extremely beneficial in order to get rid of neck pain or just try and avoid it as much as possible. Here are some of the best exercises online to ease neck pain quickly and easily.

Relieving Neck Pain in 30 Seconds with Dr. Rowe

According to Dr. Rowe from the SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center, simple exercises can relieve neck pain in as little as 30 seconds! And even if it ends up taking a bit longer than that, they’re far from time-consuming and are really simple. Just grab a broomstick and a towel.

Neck Stretches with Doctor Jo 

In this short 5-minute video, Doctor Jo, a licensed Physical Therapist, shows you some of the best ways to ease a sore neck in the comfort of your own home. Trust her, she’s a doctor.

Easing Neck Pain at Home Chiropractor Andrew Bang

Doctor Andrew Bang from the Cleveland Clinic offers some useful neck pain exercises while walking us through them in a reassuring and clear manner. Here, too, the exercises are simple and can be done with no special equipment.