These Are the Best Unique Fitness Classes to Try In 2019

Working out should not be boring! If you feel like going to the gym is a torture, you really need to change your point of view, and probably the type of workout that you’re doing.

These are some of the most interesting unique fitness classes you definitely have to try in 2019.

Trampoline Class

Jumping on a tiny trampoline is not just fun and games. This amazing workout will help you lose so many calories.

Aerial Yoga

If regular yoga is not your first choice, you have to try the aerial type. Much more exciting and very demanding of course. Don’t worry, you’ll be having so much fun!


There is something very calming about working out in the water! This is one of the most unique fitness classes that involves cycling in a pool. You will not be bored for a second. The fact that you’re doing all of this underwater means that you’re working even harder than usual.

Spin Classes

Spin classes are so popular right now! Although you probably remember them from ages ago, the benefits of this type of activity are really impressive. The best thing is that you can be doing them outside as well.

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✨ CYCLING FORM 101 ✨ You might think that indoor cycling just involves hopping on bike and pedaling, but to prevent injuries and get the most efficient workout, good form is everything. ☝🏽 — First things first, if you’ve never worked with an instructor to setup your bike, show up to your next class early and ask them to check your setup! 🚴🏽‍♀️ I promise, it’s worth the 5 min. — As far as form goes, here are my top tips: 1️⃣ ENGAGE YOUR CORE 🥊 If there is one thing to take away from this post, it should be this. Actively recruiting your core muscles while you ride will increase your stamina, help you maintain good posture, and prevent low back pain and other injuries. 🤕 2️⃣ SHOULDERS BACK AND DOWN, HEAD UP 👻 Probably the most common cues I give. Avoid the neck and shoulder strain and relax your upper body! Keeping your head up will improve your breathing. 🌬 3️⃣ KEEP YOUR FEET FLAT 🦶🏽 Many people ride with their toes pointed down but this can lead to knee and quad injuries. Instead, press through each pedal stroke with a flat foot, driving from the ball of your foot. Pull up from your knees on the upstroke. 👟 4️⃣ HIPS AND BOOTY BACK 🍑 Whether you’re sitting or standing, if you’re too far forward then you end up putting weight into your wrists, arms or thighs instead of engaging your core (see #1). ☝🏽 — Hope that’s helpful! 🙂 Questions? 💬

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