These Battle Rope Exercises are a Must-Try

If you are getting in a rut by using the same equipment over and over again, it’s time to shock and shape up your muscles with something new. You’ve probably seen battle ropes at your local gym, but have you ever tried using them? Add some variety to your routine by using more than just one rope and try these moves that will lead to extraordinary results.

Jumping Jacks

You probably remember this one from the gym class, but here comes the challenge with battle ropes. You can place them in front or behind you—both ways, they will do the deed.

Battle Rope Plank Single Arm

Regular planks can be challenging on their own, so don’t force yourself to do more than you can handle with this move. Switch arms after 10-20 seconds and you’ll see remarkable results.

Battle Rope Pulls

Prepare your hands and your entire body to work hard. With this movement, your rope is tied to heavyweight and the goal is to pull that rope until heavyweight gets right at your feet.