These Stabilizing Tips Will Help You Stay Steadier During Yoga

Staying stable and not wobbling during yoga is really challenging, especially after you haven’t done yoga in a while. To achieve skillfull transitions between poses, you have to establish a balanced practice when you shift your weight from one foot through the poses. Here are some tips on how to hold poses for longer periods of time, for repeating transitions, and for a steadier yoga.

Strengthen the Body

Most balance poses require leg, hip, and core strength, so practice the bridge pose to warm-up your hamstrings and the plank pose to strengthen your core.

Use Props

If balance isn’t your strong suit, practice near a wall so you can have one hand one the wall or lean up against it for added support. You can also use blocks as a grounding tool.

Focus on One Point

For poses that require lots of balance, focus on one point prior to entering the pose. Keep your eyes on your mat or the floor the whole time you’re in the pose.

Move Slowly During Transitions

Practice moving between two moves slowly by using your muscle strength not momentum. Remember to focus your gaze!