These Tips Will Help You Grip the Bar Correctly at the Gym

Working out with a gymnast bar and doing pull-ups is not as easy as it looks. Many men and women make mistakes and don’t know how to grip the bar properly. With these tips, we promise that you’ll avoid injuries and it will improve your technique significantly.

Know the Correct Hand Placement

The biggest mistake people do is that they grip the bar in the middle of their palm. This is completely wrong and you should change it right away. Instead, place the bar on the base of your fingers. If you’re doing pull-ups with the bar placed in the middle of the palm, when you grip it you will pinch the skin between the bar and your fingers.

The Position of the Wrist

Once you get into a pull-up position, make sure that the knuckles of your hands are placed somewhere on top of the bar. This will help you have the proper position of the wrist while also avoiding injuries.

Use Grip Gloves

Gloves can be very helpful when doing pull-ups. They are made of materials that will give you more power when gripping the bar. Don’t forget to find the right pair that is not too tight.