These Yoga Stretches Will Help You Get Rid Of Muscle Tension

Best yoga poses for your back
Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

Yoga is a popular activity that engages your whole body and comes with many amazing benefits. Aside from making you fitter, stronger, and more balanced, it’s also great for stretching muscles and relieving the tension you accumulate throughout the day. Here are three yoga moves that are amazing in providing you tension relief when you feel it in your muscles.

Cat Pose

This is a great pose for your back and neck muscles. It will help you relieve tension in the lower back and improve circulation in your whole body. Make sure to do it slowly, following what feels natural, and watch your breath.

Child’s Pose

Whenever you need a gentle stretch for your back, hips, thighs, ankles, and feet, get into the child’s pose and let it calm and relax you. Don’t try to do it perfectly if you’re a beginner, but make sure you’re doing it right and you’ll get better at it over time.

Downward Facing Dog

This position will also stretch your back and give you an instant relief when you have muscle pain. Extend your whole body and enjoy that nice stretch as you drop your heels as much as you can and let your head hang freely.