Things to Include in a Home Gym

Home gym
Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

There are pros and cons to going to the gym. Gyms can provide access to workouts we may not otherwise have. The community we may find through going to the gym may also bring motivation that can help us reach our goals as well as hold ourselves accountable. On the other hand, gym memberships can be quite expensive, and many of us have jobs that prevent us from being able to go as much as we’d like. An unused membership is a waste of money and continuously telling ourselves that “we’ll go tomorrow” can lead to feelings of guilt that make us unmotivated. It’s a personal preference, but if this sounds like you, consider putting together a home gym. Here’s what we suggest:

Dedicate a Space

This can be anywhere you have room: a garage, a sunporch, or even a corner of the hallway. The important part is that this will be a place you can access easily without having to set up every time you want to work out. Having everything ready to go makes jumping into a workout seem much less daunting.

Bring Variety

The main reason most of us go to the gym is that we’ll have access to different kinds of equipment. You don’t have to invest in a treadmill or anything expensive. Set up a yoga mat, get some weights or kettle balls, install some hooks, and hang a few jump ropes and you’ve covered all of your fitness bases.