This is Why You Should Add Salt to Your Water

Photo by manu schwendener on Unsplash

Do you ever feel dehydrated, even though you drank a ton of water that day? This is a common issue, as sometimes our bodies have trouble absorbing plain water. Adding just a pinch of sea salt to your water could help solve this problem! You might be hesitant to add salt to your water, but trust us, if you just put in a pinch, you won’t even taste it.

Sports Drinks Add Salt for a Reason!

If you look at any sports drink, you’ll see that it’s loaded with salt. The reason is that salt helps to hydrate your body by helping it absorb minerals and water! The electrolytes that these drinks give you often are a result of the added salt!

Salt is High in Minerals

If you select high-quality sea salt (instead of regular table salt), you get added minerals from the salt itself. There can be around 80 different minerals in salt, which all are super useful for the body!

Salt Prevents Cramping

When our body is lacking important minerals, the muscles can constrict. This causes a cramping sensation or muscle soreness. By adding salt to your water, the body has a higher capacity to relax its muscles.