This Nicki Minaj Dance Workout Will Get Your Heart Pumping Faster

Youtuber Bria Fitness came out with this fun Nicki Minaj workout video that will make it impossible for you to stay on the couch! It’s fun, exciting, and it will get your heart rate up—what else could you want? Whether you need some motivation to get moving first thing in the morning, to spend your work break actively, or to get active in the evening after a long day at the desk, this video may be just what you need.

The video lasts 15 minutes and it will feel much shorter once you start jumping and moving. Bria Fitness combines various jumps, kicks, punches, and body rolls, letting you know that it doesn’t have to feel too difficult if you’re having fun.

Most of the segments last for 30 seconds and you will do the same moves over and over. This is good as it allows you to practice the moves quickly and then simply let yourself enjoy the music and dancing. We also invite you to check the other videos from this account that’s only a few months old, but already looks really promising!