This Standing Ab Workout is Actually Good on Your Knees

Standing ab workouts are all the rage these days, and they offer an amazing alternative to popular ab moves that can be hard on your back. Unfortunately, they aren’t necessarily joint-friendly, but Burpee Girl made sure to create a workout that’s easy on your knees.

This amazing workout is 35-minutes long but you’ll have an easier time going through it than most other standing ab routines. Its strongest points are its joint-friendly moves that allow you to break a sweat and burn some major calories without jumping.

Burpee Girl recommends doing this workout for 14 days to get a smaller waist and burn belly fat, and she shared some pointers you should follow to make it more effective.

“This workout will target the entire core from a standing position leading to stronger muscles and a tighter waistline. Make sure you keep your abs contracted (pulled in) throughout this entire workout, and focus on feeling every exercise in the core!” she explains.

Over the course of 35 minutes, she’ll walk you through a wide range of fun and effective moves. The workout features four rounds, in addition to warm-up, cool down, and active breaks. Even though they focus on abdominal muscles, all the moves target several muscle groups at once, making this an effective full-body workout.