Tips for Better Winter Cycling

Most people give up on cycling as soon as it gets cold outside, but not even snow can keep real cyclists off the bike. Here are a few important tips for beginners who are preparing for the winter cycling season.

Winter Cycling Clothing

Obviously, the most important thing for riding in cold weather is the right clothing. Winter cycling clothing is not cheap, but investing in it is worth every penny. Thermal and windproof clothes will keep you dry and warm on your winter rides so you don’t have to worry about catching a cold.

Stay Visible

Safety should be your priority, particularly during winter months when days are short, weather conditions are poor and most people actually don’t expect to see too many cyclists on the road. Make sure to stay visible even in daylight by wearing bright clothes and using lights.

Check Your Bike

Experienced cyclists already know how to properly take care of their bike. However, this is particularly important during winter months because rain, snow and salt can really damage the bike if you don’t protect it. This means checking the tires before every ride and cleaning the chain, gears, and cranks at least once in two weeks.