Tips for Dressing for Cold Weather Walks

Walking outside when it’s cold can be fun or frustrating, depending on if you’re dressed appropriately. Here are the three most important things you’ll need.


Your feet need to stay warm and dry, especially if it’s raining outside. Choose flexible athletic shoes or light hiking boots in whichever style you prefer. It’s also a good idea to coat them with a water repellent treatment so you’re sure rain can’t get through them.


It may not seem as important as some other things, but wearing proper underwear when outside in the winter is crucial to staying warm and dry all the time. Synthetic fabrics that dry fast are a better option than cotton and sports bra should also come in polyester blends.


Pick a windproof and water-resistant jacket that’s also lightweight for fall or heavier for when it gets really cold. There are plenty of brands that offer soft jackets appropriate for walking, hiking, and skiing. It should have a comfortable hood in case it’s windy and rainy, pockets in which you can keep various things you need, and it would be good if it can fit over your backpack if you’re wearing one.