Tips For Finding the Right Personal Trainer For You

Finding a personal trainer is a lot like dating, you have to search for one that perfectly matches up with you and that will push you hard, without driving you away. There are actually ways to help you find a personal trainer who will help you reach your goals and are worth the money. These are the things you should consider when hiring a trainer.

Know Your Goals

Before you book a training session, identify what you’re looking for so you can discuss it with the trainer. Your trainer should ask you what your personal goals are and this will help them figure out if they’re a good fit for you.

Where Do You Want to Train?

Larger, big-box gyms have many locations, lots of equipment, and tons of classes, but they can also get really crowded during peak hours. Smaller, local gyms allow you to get to know the staff and members more intimately. If you don’t want to leave your house to train, there are apps like Body Love, Adaptiv, and Tone It Up Studio that allow you to have access to workouts and virtual personal trainers.

Research Trainers

After you’ve figured out where and why you want to work with a trainer, you can look further into finding the right fit. Most gyms have personal trainers bios on their website which state their experiences and credentials.

Try Them Out

Book a consultation with a trainer and ask them how they plan on training you. Most consultations are free and last around 15 to 20 minutes and they’ll give you the opportunity to see if you mesh well with this person.

Give Feedback

When you find a trainer, set realistic, measurable goals to help you see if the sessions are working. If things aren’t working, figure out if you are doing your part outside the training sessions, like eating healthy meals and if you still aren’t meeting your goals, be open and honest with the trainer about your concerns.

Know When to Walk Away

If you are doing your part and not seeing the results you wanted after you’ve communicated this with your trainer, it may be time to walk away. You should be happy with your sessions, after all, you are paying a lot of money to train.