Tips for Ideal Stretching to Optimize Your Performance

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

Stretching is one of the most important aspects of a physical training regime. It primes the body, prevents injury, and transforms athletic performance. But despite its importance, few people know when or how to stretch optimally.

Here are some great tips on how you should be stretching before your regular workouts.

In The Morning

During the night, our bodies often become tense and tight. For this reason, it’s important that we loosen our muscles shortly after waking up. If we don’t, this can lead to tight and inflexible muscles in the long term.

Tight muscles can be uncomfortable, lead to injury, and weaken athletic performance as well. Therefore, it’s important to aim for a full-body stretch within the first two hours after you wake up.

Before a Workout

It’s extremely important that you stretch before a workout to warm up your muscles. This prevents injury and allows your muscles to work with you and not against you.

Breathing Exercises

While you’re engaging in stretching, a top tip is to combine it with breathing exercises. This can help soften the muscles, reduce stress, and improve overall control of your body.