Tips For Making Morning Walking a Habit

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard about the mental and physical benefits of walking. While it doesn’t make a huge difference when you choose to walk, getting it done in the morning makes it more likely that you’ll follow through with it and it helps you stay active later in the day. If you’re not normally a morning exerciser, getting up and going for a morning walk is overwhelming, but here are some tips to help get you started.

Don’t Stress About the Time

You don’t have to go for a walk the second you get out of bed, just make sure you do it within an hour or two of waking up. Go ahead and eat some breakfast and enjoy your coffee before heading out for your walk.

Start Small

Start with a five minute walk and build your way up until you’ve reached the walking duration you were hoping for. It’s more important to develop a habit that you can stick with.

Find a Partner

Look for an accountability partner like a friend, significant other, or your dog and set a daily date with them. You’ll be more likely to follow through with your walk.

Prep the Night Before

Set out your clothes and shoes, create a playlist, and put your coffee on a timer, so everything will be ready for you when you wake up.