Tips For Setting Up a Home Yoga Studio

During social isolation, it’s important for your mental and physical health to remain active. Many of us are used to going to yoga studios, but since these have been shut down for the time being, you can create your own at-home yoga studio while streaming the latest classes on YouTube or Zoom. You don’t need much space for a yoga studio—all you need is enough room for a mat. Here are some tips to get you started.

What You’ll Need

Start by creating a point of inspiration. This can be a window, a special statue, or a painting and let it be the focal point of your space. You’ll also need a yoga mat, at least two blocks, two straps, and one bolster.

Create a Mood For Meditation

Yoga is all about relaxation and calm energy and to create this environment you’ll need some cushions, speakers for a yoga playlist, a mini-spray bottle with your favorite essential oils, and some candles or a diffuser.

Design the Space

Make the space your own by painting the walls soothing colors like grays, light greens, and warm yellows. With soft colors, you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to do some soul searching.