Tone Your Lower Abs in Two Weeks with Lilly Sabri’s Amazing Workout

Screenshot via Lilly Sabri/YouTube

Toning your abs in just two weeks may sound like an impossible mission, but that’s exactly what Lilly Sabri is promising in one of her latest workout videos. If you want to start working on getting a great six-pack and develop a healthy habit, this workout is a great place to start.

All of the exercises in this video target the lower core, and it takes only six minutes to go through all of them. They’re not a magical solution, but a good place to start, and Sabri makes it clear that you should combine them with a healthy diet and other full-body moves to get the best results.

“These abs fat loss exercises will help show you how to lose stubborn lower belly fat and get a flat stomach from home. For the best abs results, do this with my fat burn workouts and good nutrition,” wrote Sabri on YouTube.

Some of the exercises included in this workout are classic lower abs moves, such as reverse crunches, flutter kicks, and leg lifts. It comes in handy that Sabri will be giving you directions that you can use to correct your form, but she also included modifications for people who want to make their workout a little bit more intense.