Top Foods to Avoid Before Hitting the Gym

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Even super-nutritious foods have the tendency of affecting our body in a strange way. Despite keeping you in shape, some of the seemingly healthy meals shouldn’t be consumed before you hit the gym. Here are a few things you should scratch off your pre-workout menu.

Spicy foods

Foods with a lot of flavor and seasoning require a great deal of digestion time. No matter how tasty they are, jalapeño peppers or hot sauce will easily cause heartburn during your workout. Try to avoid them at least 24 hours before heading to the gym.

Dairy products

Despite being super tasty, dairy could slow you down during the workout. Stay away from milk and soft cheeses at least two hours before your training, especially if you’re lactose-intolerant.

Protein bars

Good marketing tricked us into thinking protein bars are a healthy alternative to candy bars, but that’s not always the case. Unless they contain healthy 50-50 split of sugar and fat content, they shouldn’t be a part of your pre-workout menu.

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Fast food

This one is pretty much a no-brainer – making your way to the gym after McDonald’s isn’t the best idea. Greasy fried foods like burgers, fries and pizza may lead to bloating and cramping, even diarrhea. After all, your body requires more time to digest them.


Bean-based foods can cause uncomfortable gas and bloating, since they’re a rich source of indigestible carbohydrate. No matter how tasty they can be, you should stay away from the gym after eating them, for everyone’s sake.