Try Tabata at Home with Heather Robertson’s No Equipment Workout

Tabata is one of the HIIT workouts that experienced a huge rise in popularity in the last few years and you no longer have to sign up for an expensive group class to give it a try. Home workouts are popping up online and fitness influencer Heather Robertson recently shared her own.

Robertson is a certified personal trainer, who specializes in HIIT workout and full-length workout videos you can do at home. She’s very close to reaching a million followers on YouTube and her latest Tabata workout could help her get over the finish line.

You don’t need any equipment to follow this routine, but it’s still pretty intense. It consists of five different Tabata circuits and each one includes two different body-weighted exercises. Each circuit has to be repeated four times and it takes around half an hour to complete the entire routine.

Robertson’s workout will give you a major calorie burn and it includes exercises that target several muscle groups. Mountain climbers, jumping jacks, high knee jumps, and bicycle crunches are only some of the popular exercises in this video and a yoga mat is the only piece of equipment you’ll need along the way.