Try These Tips to Boost Your Endurance

Photo by Jaco Pretorius on Unsplash

To be a better athlete, you must build your endurance level. This determines how well you will perform. Fitness enthusiasts can also build their endurance to help them maintain a workout routine. Here are some tips to try:

Decide on a goal

What is your goal? Do you want to beat your hiking record, participate in a marathon, or increase your walking steps? You need a goal to motivate you to work harder.

Add only 10% weekly

This rule states that you should only increase your training by 10% each week. Building gradually is better. This means that if you usually run 25 miles per week, increase it by only 2.5 miles each time.

Change your pace

Maintaining one pace during your workout will not increase your endurance level. Doing one exercise for thirty minutes becomes less effective when you do it more than six times. You need to add different exercises to your workout to spice things up.

Track your progress

Use a time trial to track your progress twice every month. You can use a bike or even jog. Keep track of the stats and chart the progress so far. Take record of your heart rate, time, distance and result.


Always have rest days to prevent injuries. You also see more results when you rest