Use These Simple Tricks to Increase Your Productivity at the Gym

You should make the most of your time at the gym, but if you’re struggling to stay productive during your workouts, consider following these steps to become more efficient.   

Group Class

If you find self-guided workouts too distracting, but can’t afford a personal trainer, joining a group class is a good idea. In addition to getting to try something new, you’ll have an easier time concentrating by following the instructions and doing exercises with the rest of the group.

Timed Breaks

If you’re keeping your phone by your side during your workouts, make sure to put it to some good use. Use a timer to properly time the breaks between sets, or consider getting a watch that can do the same for you.

No Busy Hours

If you’d like to steer clear of the crowds and avoid waiting for equipment during your workout, avoid going to the gym during rush hour. Most people only have time to hit the gym in the evening after work, but if that’s not the case with you, try to avoid this slot.