Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy Outside of Exercise

Staying healthy
Photo by Globelet Reusable on Unsplash

While physical fitness is certainly an element of a healthy lifestyle, genuinely feeling good and treating your body right sometimes means prioritizing even more basic wellness. In our busy world with sometimes-inaccurate images of “health” bombarding us through advertisements, there are certain important health habits and self-care we might forget or not realize are important. Here are three health habits that aren’t physical activity.

Getting Enough Sleep

Given that our culture celebrates business and “hustle”, sleeping enough is often not only overlooked but sometimes even denigrated. However, lack of sleep has been associated with stress, weight fluctuation, and lowered immune system effectiveness. If you feel sick or tired a lot of the time—you probably need to put down the weights and just go to bed earlier.

Drinking Enough Water

Hydration is super important and with the popularity of reusable water bottles, it’s become a little easier to maintain. However, dehydration is still pretty common and it can lead to headaches and energy loss. Invest in a water bottle, and make sure to drink at least one bottle’s worth of water a day.


Meditation has been shown to lower stress and anxiety. It’s nearly impossible to avoid stress in today’s world, but stress can worsen heart health, cause weight fluctuation, headaches, and more. Practicing stress-lowering techniques can help you not just mentally, but physically as well.