What’s the Best Liquid Base to Use in Your Smoothies?

Healthy smoothie
Photo by Alisha Mishra from Pexels

No healthy diet is complete without some delicious smoothies, but you should be pretty careful when picking the ingredients for yours. You’ll diminish the healthy properties of your smoothies if you pack them with the wrong ingredients, and it all starts with picking the best possible liquid base.


Smoothies made with water are your safest bet, and they’ll be as healthy as it gets because this ingredient is calorie-free. Unfortunately, this is water’s only upside and most people avoid using it as their liquid base or combine it with other liquids because it doesn’t add flavor to your smoothies.


Milk is the most popular liquid base for smoothies because it can make them perfectly creamy and delicious. Unfortunately, dairy milk will also add extra calories and fat to your smoothies, and that’s why many people prefer replacing it with plant-based alternatives.


You may be tempted to add some juice to your smoothies to boost their flavor, but you should avoid this liquid base at all costs. Freshly squeezed juice is the only healthy option, while store-bought juices are best avoided because they’re usually packed with sugar and artificial flavorings.