Which Les Mills Class is Right For You?

Weight lifting class
Image by u_24u5lcc1 from Pixabay

Fusing movement and music, Les Mills workouts are designed to help you build endurance and gain strength. While all forms of Les Mills share the same goals—harness the power of collective determination to increase motivation—each one is slightly different in style and intensity. This is how to choose the Les Mills workout that’s right for you.


Bodypump is a barbell-based strength workout designed to help participants become more fit and toned. It involves using light weights to exhaust the muscles while performing high repetitions.


Les Mills Bodycombat combines self-defense with cardio moves. It’s best suited for those seeking a cardio strengthening workout. Over time you will achieve faster kicks, stronger punches, and higher levels of speed and confidence in your movements. 


Les Mills BodyFlow classes offer a much more measured pace. It is perfect for those seeking an effective workout that also has a calming effect. BodyFlow combines tai chi, yoga, and Plates postures and exercises, making it physically challenging, as well as breathing exercises to condition your mind and soul too.

Les Mills CXWORX

If you’re looking to strengthen your core, Les Mills CXWORX is for you. The workouts utilize resistance bands and weights. This class is sure to tighten up your midsection and improve your posture.