Why Eating Insects Might Be Your New Favorite Source of Protein

While eating insects might sound strange to many of us, they have been a staple food source in Asian regions for millennia. As many athletes are looking for alternative sources of protein to animal products, insects are becoming increasingly popular. Here are five reasons to consider getting into bugs as an alternative source of nutrition.

High Protein

Studies show that some insects actually have higher levels of protein than many meat products. While the protein level does vary between insect species, the best are crickets, some ant species, and mealworms.

Alternative to Meat and Dairy

One reason for the rising popularity of insects is that they provide an alternative protein source to animal products. As many people are concerned about the treatment of animals in the production of dairy and meat, insects serve as an ethical alternative.

Environmentally Friendly

Farming and eating bugs has significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions than farming cattle.

Interesting Flavors

In the insect world, there are a surprising variety of flavors. You can find flies that taste like blue cheese, ants with a lemony zest, and giant water bugs that taste like watermelon candy.

Easy to Use

You can bake cricket powder into cakes and breads, or fry mealworms in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. This healthy snack is rich in protein, amino acids, and fiber.