Why is Balance so Important?

Having good balance isn’t just for those who practice gymnastics or yoga, it is important for everyone’s physical well-being.

Balance is just as important as running or lifting weights. Working together with the brain, eyes, sense of touch, inner ear, and every joint and muscle. Having great balance brings great posture both when sitting or lifting weights. Everything in your body is working equally and no part is compensating for another part, so you will have fewer aches and pains.

There are two ways to work on having good balance. Firstly, you need to train your brain and muscle reflexes to detect and react to unstable situations and secondly condition your core. The core is your deep abdominal muscles which form a center of gravity to stabilize your entire body.

There are so many simple ways to incorporate balance exercises into your everyday activities. Sit on an exercise ball whilst watching tv, stand on one leg whilst brushing your teeth, instead of sitting on a bus or subway, stand with your legs wide and engage the core to not fall over. If you want something a little harder, try to pick an item up off of the floor with one leg elevated behind you, the more advanced you become the higher you can lift the leg.