Why Workout on a Rowing Machine?

Rowing machines can be a great way of strengthening your muscles, training your breathing, and reinforcing your mind. Most gyms come decked out with rowing machines for general use, but you can also invest in one at home. Here are four benefits of working out with a rowing machine.

Whole Body Workout

The great thing about rowing machines is that they don’t focus on one part of the body to the exclusion of the rest. They workout the whole body evenly.


Rowing machines are a great form of cardio. They improve the body’s capacity for sustained activity, improve the heart, and breathing systems.

Builds Muscle

But the impressive thing about rowing is that it doesn’t just work on cardio, but is a tremendous way to build muscle all over your body at the same time. This makes you physically fit and strong at the same time and to the same degree.

Trains Breathing

The combination of cardio and muscle workout makes rowing an excellent activity for training the breath. How you breathe is crucial to the quality of your performance. By learning to breathe steadily and strongly despite hard activity, your overall fitness abilities are improved.