Why You Need To Start Walking Backwards on the Treadmill

Photo by Intenza Fitness on Unsplash

You might look a little funny doing it, but once you hear of the serious benefits from walking backwards on a treadmill, you won’t even care! If you struggle from knee pain or want a fun exercise to improve your balance and core strength, walking backwards on the treadmill is the exercise for you. Although walking backwards originated as an exercise recommended by physical therapists for patients recovering from knee surgery, it is quickly becoming a new fitness trend. Here’s why you need to start walking backwards on the treadmill.

Reduce Knee Pain

Walking backwards on the treadmill improves the joints’ mobility and strengthens the muscles surrounding your knee. This can significantly reduce (or even get rid of!) knee pain that is caused by surgery or incorrect shock absorption. Walking backwards for even just a few minutes has the potential to reduce or completely get rid of your knee pain!

Core Stability

Challenging the body to walk backwards forces new muscles to work in order to keep your balance in the new pattern of movement. This improves balance and core strength, as it will be difficult when you first start walking backwards. Once you get used to the movement, you can even add an incline or pick up speed to really fire up those muscles!