Wood Whittling: What is it and Should You Take it Up?

Wood whittling is the practice of shaping pieces of wood into desired forms. You can use an array of instruments that enable you to cut the wood, sand it down and make it smooth. But what is the connection between wood whittling and sport and fitness? Here are some health and fitness reasons you should think about taking up wood whittling.

Improves Mental Health

One of the great things about wood whittling is the mental health benefits. It allows you to connect with nature, engage in an ancient art form that has been practiced for millennia, and enjoy the fruits of your labors after you have completed your tasks.

Enhances Coordination

Shaping unformed timber into desired shapes and functions requires a lot of hand-eye coordination. Regular wood whittling practice improves the coordination of the hands. This is transferable to other sporting activities and helps keep your brain and nervous system healthy.

Increases Self-Worth

When you have finished a figure and have achieved what you wanted, you get a real sense of achievement each time you see it. Surround yourself with your finished products and feel your confidence and self-worth rise.

Strengthens the Hands

Wood whittling strengthens the hands and helps keep the muscles and tendons moving. This can help stave off arthritis or help rebuild your hand muscles after an accident or stroke.